Indian Mother Kills Eight Daughters – The Story Behind the Story

The Indian woman who is featured in It’s a Girl for killing eight of her own newborn daughters has generated a lot of hostility. Many of the hundreds of comments on the It’s a Girl trailer on YouTube reflect anger and disbelief: “The woman laughing while saying that she killed eight of her children just […]

Bring ‘It’s a Girl’ to your City: Now Booking Screenings!

If you have landed on our blog, chances are you’ve watched the trailer and have been looking forward to seeing or sharing the full feature-length documentary. We are very excited to announce that we have made the film available to anyone interested in hosting a screening. This September will mark the launch of our International […]

Is Gendercide a Concern in America?

There are an estimated 200 million ‘missing’ women in the world today. Although a large percentage of these cases occur in Southeast Asia, namely in China and India, son preference is not uncommon in Europe and is a growing problem in the U.S., where a number of reports attest that, yes, Americans too have aborted […]

Why I Speak out Against Gendercide.

My family adopted my two sisters from China because of the issues surrounding the One Child Policy and the inherent preference for sons within Chinese culture. Having said that, we didn’t fully realize the scope of the orphan crisis and issues relating to it like gendercide, or how these issues would eventually become an integral […]

Happy Mother’s Day, 母亲节快乐 and आपको मातृत्व दिन के लिए बधाई!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day in China, India, the USA and many other countries around the world. On this occasion, the It’s a Girl team would like to take the time to honor all mothers but especially those, who have chosen to birth, love and protect daughters in incredibly adverse societies. Producing documentary film It’s […]

Why Chen Guangcheng’s Story Matters.

The It’s a Girl team has been avidly following the Chen Guangcheng story. Reggie Littlejohn, Founder and President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, who is featured in our film, has been long advocating for the activist’s release and is closely involved in the story. We were initially thrilled to hear of Chen’s escape to the […]

Missing Girls in China

In China, millions of female conceptions are aborted by prospective parents, creating a problem of ‘missing girls.’ In spite of China’s rapid development, the sex ratio at birth is as high today as it has ever been, with roughly 118 boys born for every 100 girls. A basic question that needs to be answered before […]

Gendercide and The West

Gendercide is the unreported tragedy of our age. I was one of those guilty of dismissing gendercide as an Asian problem. Surely, unwanted female foetuses were aborted there, in illegal clinics, not here. And surely unwanted daughters were killed there, in forgotten villages, not here. The egalitarian Shangri-La that is ‘The West’ would never allow […]

Why We Slept Through A Genocide—Part II

How could I have slept though the annihilation of my own kind? How did I, an Indian woman, live on in such oblivion to the systematic and targeted elimination of millions of Indian women? Why did it evoke no response in me – no anxiety, no outrage, no resistance, no action?  Not even involved thought! […]

Why We Slept Through A Genocide—Part I

It’s a question that needs to be asked: How did the world sleep through this? In less than a century, more than 50 million women have been targeted simply for being female and wiped out from India.  Millions have been killed before birth. Millions killed as infants. Millions killed as little girls. Thousands killed as […]

The Journey that Led to “It’s a Girl”

Shadowline Films was born out of the question “What are the underlying roots of inexplicable social injustices like gender inequality and the exploitation of the innocent?” There are 27 million people trapped in modern-day slavery across the world today- more than any other time in history. 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders and over […]

Welcome to the “It’s a Girl” blog!

After being inundated with interest surrounding the trailer for It’s a Girl, the Shadowline Films team is incredibly excited to finally launch our blog! Along with over 160,000 views on our trailer and a growing number of Facebook “likes” with little to no promotion on our part, we’ve received hundreds of emails from media around the world, screening […]