For Libraries and Campuses

It’s a Girl is available to educators for use in classrooms, libraries and screenings on campus by purchasing the special Educational Version of the film.

The Educational Version of It’s a Girl includes the following:

  • Full length (63 minute) version of It’s a Girl
  • Classroom length (52 minute) version of It’s a Girl
  • Official It’s a Girl trailer
  • English, Chinese, French and Spanish subtitles
  • Additional bonus features

Public Performance Rights:

Public Performance Rights (PPR) allow screenings for educational purposes. PPR are included with each Group/educational license purchase, either one time (rental) or unlimited (purchase). PPR permits screenings in a classroom, library or campus facility.

Rights Included with the Purchase

  • Purchase does not include nor imply the right to transmit videos by analog or digital means by broadcast, open-cable, direct broadcast satellite, Internet or other means nor to any off-campus or distance-learning site.

For questions about the Group/Educational license, contact us.