Save a Girl on International Day of the Girl Child


October 11 is the third UN International Day of the Girl Child. This day is meant to promote girls’ rights and highlight gender inequalities that remain between girls and boys.

Take Action on International Day of the Girl Child:

On this day to focus on the fundamental human rights of the girl child, we are drawing attention to the It’s a Girl Action Campaign.

Please take a moment to watch this 4 minute video overview of the campaign:

Gendercide may well be the most serious human rights violation and form of discrimination against girls and women happening on earth today. Please use today to highlight gendercide and its impact on the girl child by sharing this action campaign video.

As many as 200 million girls are missing because of gendercide. Now is the time to stand up for girls and women everywhere!

Save a Girl on International Day of the Girl Child:

In India:
Help keep a girl in India alive by donating to the Invisible Girl Project, whose programs encourage Indian mothers to keep their girl children alive and provide the orphaned girls with food, shelter and education. 


In China:
Pregnant women at risk of sex-selective abortion, women being pressured to abandon their newborn girls and women at risk of forced abortion or sterilization can all receive support through Women’s Rights Without Frontiers‘ network of fieldworkers in China.