Celebrate International Women’s Day with a screening of “It’s a Girl”

March 8th is International Women’s Day; a time of respect, appreciation and love towards women and a celebration of women’seconomic, political and social achievements around the world.
The It’s a Girl campaign is marking the occasion by inviting screening hosts all over the world to use this opportunity to raise awareness about the ongoing plight of women in India and China, who continue to suffer under gendercide.
Join us as we celebrate International Women’s Day by hosting a screening event in your community. Whether a small home screening, a gathering at your church or school, or a theater screening; you can add your voice to the movement.
Screening events on International Women’s Day are scheduled in Hyderabad, India, Texas, Canada, Singapore, Oregon, California, New Jersey and Australia, to name a few. Individuals, churches, universities and organizations like UN Women are raising awareness about the plight of women in India and China through screening It’s a Girl to mark this international celebration of women.
Schedule your screening of It’s a Girl between March 1st and the 15th and receive a special International Women’s Day discount! But March is quickly approaching, so submit your screening request soon!

Together, we can show the women of India and China that we support their right to dignity and equality.


There is Hope for Women in India

Sometimes the volume of stories about violence against women and gendercide coming out of India can be overwhelming and the cause can feel hopeless. But there is good news as well! Here is a great example of some in India who are overcoming the cultural norms of son-preference and are bringing change!

Dr Ganesh RakhA doctor in the Hadapsar suburb of Pune began waiving maternity fees for women who have girls. Dr Ganesh Rakh has not only waived  the fees for over 144 women to date, but the entire hospital celebrates the birth of the girl child by distributing sweets in the hospital!

Dr Rakh’s silent efforts and persistence has won over other doctors as well, who have decided to join hands with him. Dr Rakh said, “After the word trickled out, my batch-mates and doctors working in districts like Beed, Ahmednagar, Solapur and other interiors wrote to me and said that they will stop carrying out procedures like indiscriminate sex-determination tests or unwarranted medical termination of pregnancy. And the numbers of doctors in this long haul is growing every day.”

We celebrate silent heroes like Dr Ganesh Rakh who take the lead in creating a new future for girls in India despite immense pressures and financial incentives!

Show your love to a girl in India this Valentine’s Day

A right wing Hindu group in India, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, is claiming that Valentine’s Day encourages rape and plans to protest the holiday. In the past, Indian girlHindu radicals kept vigil at parks, restaurants and other places, and occasionally went on the rampage, attacking pubs and greeting card shops, but they vow to raise awareness peaceably this year.

At the same time women in India are using the day to promote awareness about women’s issues. Women throughout India are rising up in dance and demonstration as a part of the worldwide One Billion Rising movement against rape and rape culture.

As we celebrate a day that represents the freedom to love whom we choose, let’s remember the millions of girls in India who are denied the same freedom; girls who are given as child brides and are trapped in marriages characterized by violence rather than romance. In India, 56% of women are given in marriage before the age of 18. Forty percent of the world’s child marriages occur in India. Young girls are more likely to die during pregnancy or child birth, which accounts for India having the highest maternal mortality rates in the world.

The Invisible Girl Project is working in India to raise awareness and save girls from gendercide. As you choose your Valentine this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to send your love to a girl in India by giving to Invisible Girl Project.

The Three Deadliest Words: “It’s a Girl” – TED talk by Evan Grae Davis

ted logo11-300x162
In December, It’s a Girl Director, Evan Grae Davis appeared on the TEDx stage at TEDxGateway in Mumbai, India, the largest TEDx event in South Asia. Evan addressed 1000 leaders and influencers from the region about the film and the issue of gendercide. We are excited to announce that the video of Evan’s TEDx talk is now available!

TED is a non-profit devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading”. TED was founded on the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. Since it started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design, TED has increased it’s scope to encompass social issues and human rights concerns. TED’s famous conferences have now expanded to allow local organizers to host independent TED events under the banner of TEDx.

Speaking at a TEDx event is a rare opportunity and an exceptional environment in which to raise awareness about It’s a Girl and the issue of gendercide. And TEDx speaker videos gain wide exposure, so please watch and share to help spread the important message about gendercide through this unusual tool.

See the video here: