Welcome to the “It’s a Girl” blog!

After being inundated with interest surrounding the trailer for It’s a Girl, the Shadowline Films team is incredibly excited to finally launch our blog! Along with over 160,000 views on our trailer and a growing number of Facebook “likes” with little to no promotion on our part, we’ve received hundreds of emails from media around the world, screening hosts, grassroots partners and individuals sharing powerful testimonials. A special thank you to each and every person who has reached out to us. Please know that if we haven’t responded to your inquiry yet, we’re trying our very best to catch up and respond to all the various requests coming in.

Our team is extremely encouraged by this surge in interest. While we appreciate the excitement about the film, we recognize the attention is ultimately about one of the most serious abuses of human rights happening today. It shows there is something in us that is outraged when faced with the gross injustice of Gendercide.

We hope that this blog will complement the trailer that you have seen in providing awareness, current news and expert opinions on the various aspects of Gendercide. This will also be a place to find updates about the feature length documentary It’s a Girl, what grassroots organizations are doing to stop Gendercide and how you can get involved.

It’s a Girl is set for a late summer/ fall 2012 public release at which time we are planning for screenings to be hosted worldwide, primarily through organizations, student groups, faith-based groups and individuals passionate enough to host screenings in their own communities: in their universities, work places and living rooms. If you are interested in hosting a screening, let us know by filling out a “screening host” form here. We will have more specific details about timing and screening locations as time goes on, so watch this space (and sign up for our newsletter updates!). Many of you have asked us how you can get involved in the battle against Gendercide. The short answer is that our small non-profit is working around the clock to locate and connect our viewers with grassroots organizations who are actively working on the front lines against gender-based violence and killings. These organizations will be an integral part of the film’s release and we hope every screening of the film will also feature one or more grassroots organizations working against femicide, infanticide and other gender-based violence.

In the meantime, prior to the film’s release, you can help build momentum by spreading the word about the film itself. So, an easy way get involved now is simply to share the trailer, “like” Shadowline Films on Facebook and follow us on our brand new Twitter account @itsagirlmovie! These small things will go a long way in building momentum leading up to the release for It’s a Girl and, ultimately, in the fight against Gendercide.

This is quite a journey we’re on. Thank you for your support and encouragement!