Discussion & Action Guide

After watching It’s a Girl, many are left with questions about what can be done to end gendericide. Screening hosts and those who purchase the film on DVD already receive the official Discussion + Action Guide, but now with the film broadly available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, we are making this valuable resource available to everyone!

The It’s a Girl Discussion + Action Guide includes detailed answers to our most Frequeslty Asked Questions (FAQs) such as:

  • What is gendercide?
  • Where does gendercide occur?
  • What are the ratios of men to women in India and China today?
  • What does India’s gendercide entail?
  • What does China’s gendercide entail?
  • What is the difference between gendercide in India and China?
  • Why is gendercide an issue of international concern?
  • Why is gendercide an issue of international concern?
  • What role has the West played in creating the problem and in helping to end gendercide?
  • Isn’t poverty the root problem of gendercide in India? And isn’t education the solution?
  • Isn’t China’s One Child Policy an unfortunate but necessary policy to control China’s exploding population?
  • What are the possible solutions to gendercide?
  • What results from the distorted sex ratios?
  • Has there been an official response to gendercide from the UN?

Alongside the graphics derrived from the animation of the film, the It’s a Girl Discussion + Action Guide also includes a series of discussion questions that are helpful to those who would like to start a group discussion after watching the film.

*Please note that a high quality printed booklet of the It’s a Girl Discussion + Action Guide is included in the purchase of a DVD. To purchase the It’s a Girl DVD with special features and bonus material, please click here to be redirected.