Celebrate International Women’s Day with a screening of “It’s a Girl”

March 8th is International Women’s Day; a time of respect, appreciation and love towards women and a celebration of women’seconomic, political and social achievements around the world.
The It’s a Girl campaign is marking the occasion by inviting screening hosts all over the world to use this opportunity to raise awareness about the ongoing plight of women in India and China, who continue to suffer under gendercide.
Join us as we celebrate International Women’s Day by hosting a screening event in your community. Whether a small home screening, a gathering at your church or school, or a theater screening; you can add your voice to the movement.
Screening events on International Women’s Day are scheduled in Hyderabad, India, Texas, Canada, Singapore, Oregon, California, New Jersey and Australia, to name a few. Individuals, churches, universities and organizations like UN Women are raising awareness about the plight of women in India and China through screening It’s a Girl to mark this international celebration of women.
Schedule your screening of It’s a Girl between March 1st and the 15th and receive a special International Women’s Day discount! But March is quickly approaching, so submit your screening request soon!

Together, we can show the women of India and China that we support their right to dignity and equality.