There is Hope for Women in India

Sometimes the volume of stories about violence against women and gendercide coming out of India can be overwhelming and the cause can feel hopeless. But there is good news as well! Here is a great example of some in India who are overcoming the cultural norms of son-preference and are bringing change!

Dr Ganesh RakhA doctor in the Hadapsar suburb of Pune began waiving maternity fees for women who have girls. Dr Ganesh Rakh has not only waived  the fees for over 144 women to date, but the entire hospital celebrates the birth of the girl child by distributing sweets in the hospital!

Dr Rakh’s silent efforts and persistence has won over other doctors as well, who have decided to join hands with him. Dr Rakh said, “After the word trickled out, my batch-mates and doctors working in districts like Beed, Ahmednagar, Solapur and other interiors wrote to me and said that they will stop carrying out procedures like indiscriminate sex-determination tests or unwarranted medical termination of pregnancy. And the numbers of doctors in this long haul is growing every day.”

We celebrate silent heroes like Dr Ganesh Rakh who take the lead in creating a new future for girls in India despite immense pressures and financial incentives!