“It’s a Girl” Launches Action Campaign with Causes.com

We’re excited to announce that It’s a Girl has officially launched our partnership Causes.com, an online platform that leverages the power of social media to make an impact in a new era of activism. This partnership allows It’s a Girl to make a stronger impact on the lives of girls around the world allowing us to move our audience from awareness to action.

Through Causes.com we are providing simple, direct ways to get involved in the movement to end gendercide. This includes petitioning world leaders to end gendercide, and donating to our partner non-profits Women’s Rights Without Frontiers and the Invisible Girl Project who are working against gendercide at the grassroots level in India and China.

Take Action Now!

1) Sign the petition to end gendercide in China
2) Sign the petition to end gendercide in India
3) Donate to the Invisible Girl Project, a nonprofit working in India
4) Donate to Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, a nonprofit working in China

Causes President and CEO, Matt Mahan said, “We created Causes to help ordinary people build movements for change. It’s a Girl is sparking one of those movements right now: people from around the world are coming together online to take action against one of the greatest tragedies in human history. We’re honored to be a platform for their incredibly important work.”

The It’s a Girl is equally excited to work with Causes.com. Our action campaign against female gendercide has a huge vision, so we needed a technology platform capable of fueling a movement. We spent months looking for the right platform. The moment we found Causes, our search was over. And we found much more than a technology platform! Causes understands our vision and is bringing their wealth of experience to support this movement. We believe this is the most pressing human rights abuse happening today, and Causes is the ideal partner in this movement to save women and girls.

Please join us in making a difference against gendercide. Visit us at causes.com/itagirl and add your voice.