Introducing The Gendercide Awareness Project

blue on blackSo many people have never heard about gendercide. Perhaps they know dimly that baby girls are aborted in China, but they have no idea of the scale and scope of the problem. It extends far beyond China, and the numbers are staggering!

Like Evan Grae Davis and the team at It’s A Girl, we at the newly created GENDERCIDE AWARENESS PROJECT are committed to creating awareness and inspiring action. The film was a wonderful way to begin – to demonstrate just how serious this problem is.  Last Wednesday, we showed the film to a sell-out crowd of almost 200 people. Viewers reacted with dismay at the scale of the problem, all while complimenting the film itself. They found it informative, moving, and powerful!  Kudos to the team that made it!

The screening helped propel the GENDERCIDE AWARENESS PROJECT toward its goal for 2015 – the creation of a visually powerful art installation with a strong “take action” platform. We are collecting almost 12,000 pairs of handmade baby booties, each pair representing 10,000 missing women in the world. The booties will be displayed in a long, winding corridor as shown.  The purpose is for visitors to experience the sheer scale of this silent atrocity.

Afterward, visitors will learn how to take action by:

1) Supporting women’s education, microfinance, and maternal healthcare  in the developing world

2) By supporting organizations that rescue girls from abortion or abandonment in countries such as China and India.

The exhibit opens in Dallas in 2015; it will travel across the country and hopefully abroad afterward.

yellow on blackDo you know how to knit or sew? Please give a gift of your time and send us some baby booties – any type at all is fine! Or send a donation that will help us to purchase baby booties from women overseas. We are working with reputable nonprofits to commission baby booties from women’s sewing groups in the developing world. A gift of $10 will buy almost three pairs of booties. The women will receive fairly paid work, and we can showcase their beautiful and ethnically diverse handiwork! Please see to learn more and donate.

Thank you for your compassion and concern!


“A better world for women is a better world for all.”

About the Gendercide Awareness Project Team: 

51 2964226Beverly Hill, President and Founder, works as a sculptor in Dallas, Texas, specializing in figurative bronze, clay murals, and, more recently, cast glass. Her work appears in private collections throughout the country. Prior to that, she taught History of Science and Renaissance/Reformation History at the University of Iowa and the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Beverly founded the Gendercide Awareness Project, an endeavor which uses both her academic and artistic skills. Beverly is the artistic director for the Gendercide Awareness Project; she also oversees research, text for the website, and communications. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, skiing, and being with her family.


Screen Shot 2012-10-22 at 5.59.41 PMValarie Truelove, VP Marketing & Communications, concentrates full-time on helping to build out and grow the Gendercide Awareness Project. Her focuses include online development, social media creation and marketing, and fundraising.



Screen Shot 2012-10-22 at 6.00.12 PMJune Chow, VP Outreach, handles the publicity and marketing for Gendap and serve as liaison to the fashion and arts communities. She will direct the drive to gather the thousands of baby booties needed to create the powerful visual and visceral experience that will be embodied by the GendAP art installation.




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