Bring “It’s a Girl” to Your Local Theater for Free!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our partnership of It’s a Girl and! Tugg is an online platform that lets individuals and organizations in the U.S. host movie screenings at their local theaters.

What does this mean for you? This means that if enough people in your community want to see It’s a Girl, Tugg can bring it to a theater near you!. If you’re the host, it’s FREE for you! All you have to do is promote the film to ensure enough tickets are pre-sold.  Now you can help bring this important film to theaters all across the U.S., and you don’t have to pay any licensing fees. To learn more, visit:

Director Evan Grae Davis said, “It is our hope that by educating the public on gendercide, we can help end this war against girls. Tugg gives us a unique opportunity to reach theaters and audiences at a greater capacity than we would normally. Now that any motivated person can screen It’s a Girl at their local theater at no cost, the film’s message about gendercide can reach even more people.”
While Tugg only works in the U.S., you can still bring It’s a Girl to your community by obtaining the public viewing license. All you have to do is fill out the this form, and we will follow up with you. It’s easy!
We have already started booking screenings around the world, thanks to organizations like UN Women, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, Invisible Girl Project, and many other organizations. Visit our website to see if there are any screenings near you. Many more are being added each week, so check back regularly!