Documentary Film About the World War on Women by “It’s a Girl” Director

Director Evan Grae Davis announces a major new film project carrying on the story begun by It’s a Girl!

Female – The World War on Women is a documentary film addressing the various forms of violence and abuse suffered by women on every continent around the globe. While exploring personal stories illustrating an array of issues such as the feminization of poverty, gendercide, female genital mutilation, child marriage, and the objectification and exploitation of women, experts seek to identify the cultural mindsets and traditions that result in such human rights violations while activists offer hope of change through viable solutions.

Director Evan Grae Davis: “Join me as, together, we renew our commitment to bring justice and equality to millions of women silently enduring unspeakable injustice – to tell the stories that desperately need to be told – add your voice!”

For more information about the new film, CLICK HERE.