A 5-Year-Old is Gang Raped in Delhi and Police Refuses to Act on the Case

Yet another horrific story arises as the struggle on behalf of women and girls continues. In New Delhi, India, when the worried parents indiaof a missing 5-year-old child tried filing a missing person’s report, the police ignored the parents and the case. After the child was kidnapped, two adult men held her hostage for two days while they repeatedly gang-raped the helpless girl. The men sexually tortured the 5-year-old, inserting candles and bottles into her private parts. When the callous men were done with her, they tried to strangle the child and fled the apartment where they held her captive.
The police response was to refuse to act on the case, and when protestors rallied up to demand justice, the police proceeded to beat women protestors! The father of the victim was even offered 2000 rupees, the equivalent to about $40 US dollars, to forget the whole thing and drop the case. The police chief, Neeraj Kumar, says he’s satisfied with the way his force is and that he takes no “moral responsibility.”
policebeatwomenprotestorsWith help from people all around the world, we are hoping there will be justice for this child and her family. Sadly, this is not the first rape case that police chief, Neeraj Kumar, tries to sweep under the rug. What is the purpose of a corrupt police commissioner if not to protect the people in his community? Can the police force ever reform with a chief like this?
On behalf of women and girls in India, we refuse to stand by and hope someone solves this problem. Take action now by joining with our partner, the 50 Million Missing Campaign, to demand immediate action!