“It’s a Girl” is an official selection at the ‘this human world’ Film Festival!

t’s a Girl is thrilled to announce that we are an official selection at the 2012 this human world Film Festival in Vienna, Austria. Scheduled to coincide with the 10th of December, Human Rights Day, this human world presents a week of brand new feature films, documentaries and short films set around contemporary themes.

Over the course of the festival, Human Rights is center stage both visually and in the form of panels, audience discussions and lectures during eleven days. The selection of films takes place in collaboration with experts, curators, NGOs and partner festivals.

It’s a Girl will screen as part of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights film series at the festival. We’re honored that It’s a Girl was chosen to bring the issue of gendercide to the stage at this important human rights film festival.

Learn more about the this human world festival here: http://www.thishumanworld.at/