Chinese Embassy Staff Refuse to Accept Delivery of Two Hundred Thousand Petitions Calling on China to End Gendercide

b2ap3 thumbnail DC-press-conferenceIn the wake of the Capitol screening of It’s A Girl Tuesday evening, Wednesday, Congressman Chris Smith joined with Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, and other members of the Coalition Against Gendercide at the Capitol to highlight the more than two hundred thousand petitions signed by people around the world, through the Causes platform, demanding that China end forced abortion and sterilization under the One Child Policy, and take action against gendercide.

Smith, Littlejohn and the Director of It’s a Girl – Evan Grae Davis – then attempted to deliver the petitions to the Chinese Embassy in Washington, but the embassy staff refused to open the doors to accept them.

b2ap3 thumbnail petitions-chinese-embassy-2“The press were staging cameras in front of the embassy before we arrived, so clearly the Embassy staff had plenty of notice that something was coming their way,” said Davis of the attempted delivery. “Congressmen Smith and Reggie Littlejohn were neither permitted entry nor did anyone answer the pages through the intercom system at the door, though we could see movement behind the glass windows. All attempts were met with silence. At one point, an individual who appeared to work for the embassy  approached the doors and also tried to get into the embassy, but they quickly ran off once it was clear the doors would not be opened as long as we were present. It’s clear to me the embassy had heard we would be delivering the petitions and rather than hear the voices of hundreds of thousands of people around the world, they chose to lock their doors and prevent even a member of the U.S. Congress from being heard.”

We are committed to delivering the petitions and making your voices heard, so please continue to sign this petition so when the time comes, even more signatures will be delivered. We will not allow China to shut its door on the millions of women and girls impacted by gendercide and forced abortion!

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